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Top 6 Reasons to Choose Sugar Bowl Resort for Group Events

The return of the historic Silver Belt made big waves in its new era.

The vision for the reemergence of the Silver Belt was simple: create a competition like environment but remove the high intensity pressure on the athletes. Then have the best skiers in the world come partake.

Serving Up Change With Jason Landas

Our team is continuing to grow with exceptional talent! We have recently welcomed a new Executive Chef to the team, Jason Landas. Read about his culinary background and his aspirations for Sugar Bowl’s F&B future.

Take A Sip & Meet Our Sommelier

We are excited to welcome guests to experience an evening enjoying the new offerings. Clay Reynolds has brought his wine expertise to the resort and has hand-selected an incredible range of options for folks to explore.

Royal Gorge 22/23 Updates

The 2022-23 season is about to kick off! Get updated on the new improvements you will find at Royal Gorge this winter. We have been working hard all off season and are excited for our best season yet.

Uphill Travel Inbounds at Sugar Bowl

We’re excited to offer uphill travel for skiers and splitboarders on three designated inbounds routes between 7am and 7pm. Here’s what you need to know to make sure you have a fun, safe uphill experience at Sugar Bowl.

Sugar Bowl’s Six Sweetest Photo Spots

If you want to capture great memories on the mountain, don’t miss these great photo opportunities. Whether you’re a smartphone camera hero or a professional photographer with an official shot list, use these insider spots for-the-win.

How To Make the Most of a Short Ski Trip

With the right preparation and a couple helpful pointers, you’ll have a lot of fun learning to ski or ride at Sugar Bowl Resort. Check out these insider tips to make your first day on the slopes a success.

Best Outdoors Wedding at Sugar Bowl: 10 Ways

A show-stopper cocktail hour on the summit of Disney accessed via chairlift? If you want to plan an unforgettable event, start with a spectacular mountain landscape and we’ll take care of the rest! Every scene of your wedding at Sugar Bowl is complete with a stunning backdrop.

10 Kid-Friendly Sugar Bowl Tips You Need to Know

Here’s your kid-friendly guide to Sugar Bowl, a complete list of tips and tricks to make your family time on the snow memorable. We’ll cover everything from getting the kids outfitted, to planning your snack breaks.