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Web Accessibility Statement

Web Accessibility Statement
Sugar Bowl Resort is committed to offering a website which is accessible equally for individuals with disabilities. 
Existing web content produced by Sugar Bowl Resort has been developed referencing Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We use design standards that help customers identify, interpret, understand and interact with information presented on our web sites.  Our goal is to provide universal access to by following WCAG 2.0, specifically level “A” and “AA” conformance.  The current website is constantly being monitored and updated to reach this goal.  As part of an ongoing accessibility initiative we are using the Siteimprove Intelligence PlatformTM to help identify and prioritize accessibility issues on our website.

Software Recommendations and Settings
We follow W3C's globally recognized standards to provide content that is compatible with computer-based assistive technologies and browsers. We recommend using the most current versions of (or the version released just prior to) the manufacturer's assistive technology applications, along with a current version of the browsers listed below. We also recommend trying different types of browsers with assistive technology applications to determine which combination works best for you.

Contact Us:
Should you experience difficulties with accessing content on, please contact Sugar Bowl web team at or call (530) 426-9000 extension 7206.  If you prefer to contact us by mail please address you letters to:   P.O Box 5, Norden, CA 95724, Attn: Marketing.  Be sure to include the following in your email so we my better assist and quickly pinpoint to area of concern.

  • Your Full Name
  • Contact Information: email and/or phone
  • Describe in detail what accessibility issues you are having with the web page. If you are using assistive technology to access the web page, give us details about the technology you are using and how you are using it - this will allow us to try and duplicate your problem.  Please include details such as device, browser type and links to pages of concern.

Our team will work diligently to first provide you with the information you desire, then work to resolve the web issue for future visitors.

Links to External Websites
Sugar Bowl Resort is not responsible for the accessibility of content on external sites linked from sites. External websites are third-party websites not hosted on Sugar Bowl Resort servers, nor hosted on servers funded by Sugar Bowl Resort which includes social media platforms.