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Tahoe's best summer camp for kids.

Why Sugar Bowl Summer Camp?
Camp Sugar Bowl is provided in partnership with Gateway Mountain Center a leader in innovative, outdoor education for youth. Our expert faculty are comprised of credentialed and advanced degree educators, environmental scientists, world-class mountaineers and certified guides. Having all these experts on staff means we have the educational component of camp taken care of, which means we can focus on ensuring our campers have FUN!

Adventures abound, from rock climbing and rafting to journaling and s'mores by the fire. Campers are provided a well-rounded experience with high-quality environmental education at its core. We ignite healthy passions, awe and curiosity for our young people.

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Summer Camp Options

Best Experience Sugar Bowl Summer Camp
Explore Nature
Ages 4-6
Your young children will enjoy exploring spectacular donner summit: mountain meadows, granite outcrops, alpine lakes and forests, all while being guided by top environmental educators. Adventure activities include easy hiking, rock climbing, water play (lifeguard supervised), coupled with nature art, storytelling, active games and yoga.

Adventure in Nature
Ages 7-9

Your Campers in this lively group are introduced to more thrilling adventures and challenging new experiences. Each day will be a mix of climbing, kayaking, swimming, mountain biking, or whitewater rafting, rounded out with art, games and explorations of the natural history, geology and human history of donner summit.
Mountain Adventure
Ages 10-12

Your kids will have the opportunity to push their physical and mental boundaries all week while having fun! Activities include hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, stand up paddle boarding, swimming, and whitewater rafting or inflatable kayaking. The week is rounded out with learning about the stunning natural history, geology, and human history of the summit.
Adventure, Leadership & Stewardship
Ages 13-15

This camp teaches your kids to become a thoughtful citizen of the world while having fun, challenging adventures. The adventure portion includes rock climbing, kayaking, and learning wilderness survival skills and using them on an overnight backpacking adventure. The leadership portion focuses on communication, teaching skills, and problem-solving. Stewardship themed activities include studying leave-no-trace practices, a conservation project, and learning about sustainability.

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Sugar Bowl Summer Camp