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Top 6 Reasons to Choose Sugar Bowl Resort for Group Events

The return of the historic Silver Belt made big waves in its new era.

The vision for the reemergence of the Silver Belt was simple: create a competition like environment but remove the high intensity pressure on the athletes. Then have the best skiers in the world come partake.

Healthy Forests & Wildfire Prevention

It comes as no surprise that it is wildfire season in the Sierra. Learn about the forest management projects and the grant funding from the Truckee Fire Measure T Community Wildfire Prevention Fund that Sugar Bowl has received to help mitigate fire hazards at the resort.

The Green Team

Every few weeks in the spring and summer we set aside two hours for all employees to step away from their regular work assignment and come together to grab a trash bag, gloves, and a picker and go out to “green up” a section of Sugar Bowl’s grounds.

Sugar Bowl’s Wildfire Prevention Efforts

The mighty forests stretching across the Sierra Nevada and our home on Donner Summit shape Sugar Bowl’s iconic landscape. But amidst the grandeur, the danger of wildfire looms. To mitigate the risk of wildfire at Sugar Bowl, our team has been taking three steps over the past few years. 

Best Outdoors Wedding at Sugar Bowl: 10 Ways

A show-stopper cocktail hour on the summit of Disney accessed via chairlift? If you want to plan an unforgettable event, start with a spectacular mountain landscape and we’ll take care of the rest! Every scene of your wedding at Sugar Bowl is complete with a stunning backdrop.