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Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) carefully.  When you, (“User” or “Season Pass Holder”), purchase any Sugar Bowl Ski Resort or Royal Gorge Cross Country season pass (“Season Pass”), these Terms and Conditions, as well any terms and conditions presented with your purchase, printed on your lift tickets or pass media, or otherwise presented to you form a binding agreement between you and Sugar Bowl Corporation, and its subsidiaries and affiliates (hereinafter collectively “Sugar Bowl | Royal Gorge”, “we” or “us”).

Each Season Pass purchase is subject to the restrictions described in the Rules of Use found at:  

The following is an excerpt pulled from the complete "Terms and Conditions located at

Roll Over Credit for Personal Reasons 

  • If a guest determines they will be unable to use their Season Pass in the season it was purchased due to the personal reasons stated below, a one-time Rollover Credit maybe granted, in SUGAR BOWL | ROYAL GORGE’s sole discretion, for the following reasons: 
    • Major medical condition/significant injury diagnosis or pregnancy.   
      • A Rollover Credit may be provided in the event of an injury or medical condition (including pregnancy) verified by a Physician which arose after you purchased your Season Pass which causes you to become unable to ski or ride for the remainder of the season.  A doctor’s letter written on official letterhead with the date of onset, and a description of the reason why you cannot ski or board is required, as well as a written letter of request from you.  A “Physician” is a licensed doctor practicing in the fields of medical, surgical or dental services who is acting within the scope of their license and who is not you, a traveling companion, a Family Member, a person related to you or a business partner.  The term “Family Member” means your child, Domestic Partner, brother, sister, mother, father, step-child, step-brother, step-sister, step-parents, legal guardian, foster child, ward or legal ward.  See Rollover Credit Calculation.
      • Military Deployment:  when called to active military service or reassigned more than 300 miles from the resort. An official, document or letter of deployment is required, along with a letter of request from you.  See Rollover Credit Calculation.
      • Notice of Condition: A request for Rollover Credit must be made within thirty (30) days of the onset of the condition or notice of military deployment.  Under no circumstances will a Rollover Credit be authorized after the end of the season. 
      • Rollover Limitations: If a Rollover Credit is approved, the current year’s lift access and benefits are suspended and the pass will be deactivated for the remainder of the season.  Rollover Credit may only be carried over to the following season and for the individual Season Passholder.  No credit will be applied to any other person other than the Season Passholder, including immediate family members.  Only one Rollover Credit per person, per lifetime is permitted regardless of the reason. 
      • Rollover Credit Calculation: The amount of the Rollover Credit will be pro-rated based upon the date of your written notice of injury or military deployment to Sugar Bowl and the days used on the pass, less a $25 administrative fee. The amount of credit will be pro-rated based on a) the date of notice to Sugar Bowl of the diagnosis of the medical condition or military deployment, and b) the number of days used on the Season Pass prior to the notice:
Step #1:  
Notice Received Before: Estimated Value *
Opening Day 100%
January 1st 80%
February 1st 60%
March 1st 40%
April 1st  20%
Last Day of Season No Credit

Step #2

The Credit Value is calculated by multiplying the original pass purchase price by the Percentage determined by when Notice was received by Sugar Bowl, minus the value of any days used on the Pass prior to Notice (calculated at the window ticket price on days of use). Requests made after closing day of the season have no credit value.

Notice give on February 15th and the Passholder skied three times.  The original purchase price was $699.     699 x 40% = $279.60, less the usage reduction of 3 days x $118 = $354, less the $25 Administrative fee.  Value of rollover/credit is zero.