The Sugar Bowl Uphiller

A ski touring & splitboarding fun fest.

The Sugar Bowl Uphiller ski touring and splitboarding event.
Calling all ski tourers and splitboarders: Join us for the Inaugural Sugar Bowl Uphiller on April 1st!

Who remembers the infamous Quad Crusher? This new event is a spin-off that still involves uphill travel, but allows participants to choose the amount of vertical climbing they want to do. The goal is to rack up as many human-powered “Lincoln laps” as you can in a day… without the help of a chairlift.

How does it work?

Start from the Judah Lodge at your own pace and use the designated route to skin up to the summit of Lincoln. At the top, check in with the race attendant to log your lap. We’ll have a pop up bar with refreshments, a DJ, and lawn chairs in case you need a break! For every lap you take, you’ll earn a progressive amount of raffle tickets and a better chance to score a sweet prize at the awards ceremony. Whether you want to do one lap or ten, all uphillers are welcome at this event.
Uphill fun fest event
Skin Track at Sugar Bowl Resort.

Details for The Event

Registration: 7:30am-10am
Stop by the Judah Lodge and receive a bib. We’ll log your laps on this bib, so don’t lose it!

Event: 8:30am-2:30pm

There will be a shot gun start 8:30am for any uphillers who are eager to max out their laps. There will be a rolling start option until 10am for any additional participants to join in.

Lap 1: From Judah, participants skin to the top of Lincoln using our designated uphill route. Participants earn one raffle ticket when they reach the top of Lincoln (where a DJ & pop up bar will be operating and open to the public). Then ski back down to Judah station and complete the lap.

Lap 2: Participants skin back up and, upon their second tag of the Lincoln station, they receive 2 raffle tickets, head back to Judah station to complete the lap.

Lap 3… and so on… A third tag of each station earns participants 3 tickets. A fourth tag… you get the idea.

Fun Facts

  • Each lap is approximately 1,400' of elevation gain.
  • Bonus raffle ticket if you come in costume.
  • Valid season pass or uphill ticket required. If you are a season passholder the event is $25. If you are not a passholder, the entry fee is $50 and includes and uphill ticket for the event.
  • You can do as many (or as few) laps as you want on the course between 8:30am and 2:30pm, but you must check in at the registration between 7:30am and 10am to receive a bib. If you show up after 10am, you may skin the course, but you will not be able to compete for prizes.

Awards & Raffle: 3:00pm

At the end of the event we will raffle off some great prizes. The more laps you take the better chance you have of winning! You MUST be present to win a prize at the awards ceremony.