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Beanie Design Passholder Sugar BOwl
Congratulations Jen!
The votes are in! The official winner of the 2024/25 Beanie Design Contest is Jen Mitchell of Visual Theory Design from Truckee, California. Jen was the mastermind behind the blue and white Sugar Bowl mountainscape that won the hearts of Sugar Bowl fans and rocked the beanie contest vote. Her design depicts a sparkling winter scene of our four peaks– Judah, Lincoln, Disney, and Crows– with snowflakes and stars glinting in the gradient of the night sky. The cool blue color palette has us yearning for winter, especially as the summer heat is drifting across Donner Summit.
We received nearly 2,000 votes for our seven fantastic beanie designs. By the time the contest ended, Jen's design pulled through with a landslide victory.
Sugar Bowl Beanie Contest

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