Snowmaker's Notes

Keeping you up to date on snowmaking plans and progress.

Sugar Bowl is dedicated to being transparent with our snowmaking progress and opening day plans. In an effort to achieve this, our Snowmaking Team will provide progress updates including what they are focused on, where they look to move next and challenges they might face with constantly changing weather patterns. Updates will occur weekly, perhaps more often during sustained cold temperatures. We will continue to keep you up-to-date within our Snowmaker's Notes as we march toward the scheduled opening date of November 27th.

Snowmaker's Notes

Week of November 16th
Last week saw impressive snowmaking. We lost temps on Sunday, but it gave the crew a well-deserved break. But while they are thawing out, Mother Nature delivered 12"+ of terrific base-building snow. This dense snow is exactly what we need to expand terrain rapidly, albeit difficult to shovel. Wednesday, temps return for snowmaking which will help with our march toward opening day, tentatively scheduled for November 27th.

The crew continues to focus on our priority one areas including the bottom of lifts and main connector runs. With a solid base developed, they will move this week to expanded terrain including several runs off Lincoln, Jerome, and Christmas Tree.

Updated: November 18, 2020
Snowmaking Begins: 11.9.20
Over the weekend a cold front dropped from the north providing about 10" of natural snow. Fresh snow always energizing things around the resort but this time of the year snowmaking conditions are even more critical. Fortunately, the cold temps associated with the storm have provided near-perfect snowmaking conditions. Beginning on Friday, November 6th the team was able to start making snow for the 2020/2021 season, and they have been churning out snow around the clock ever since. During one 24-hour period, our team was able to convert 3.2 million gallons of water into snow, a record for the Sugar Bowl snowmaking team.

This week the forecast is calling for continued cold temps overnight and some days it may stay cool enough to continuing blowing snow while the sun is shining. Right now the team is focused on base areas and building a base on runs connecting the Village and Judah portals, such as Union Street, Christmas Tree Lane and Pioneer Trail. With 63 guns currently running, deep piles are starting to build at several lifts including White Pine, Jerome Hill Express, Christmas Tree Express and Nob Hill. Once the top priority areas have a solid base developed our team will expand snowmaking to areas including Judah, Lincoln and additional terrain off Jerome.

We will update again next Monday, then provide a weekly update from there.

Updated: November 9, 2020