Snowmaker's Notes

Keeping you up to date on snowmaking plans and progress.

Sugar Bowl is dedicated to being transparent with our snowmaking progress and opening day plans. In an effort to achieve this, our Snowmaking Team will provide progress updates including what they are focused on, where the look to move next and challenges they might face with constantly changing weather patterns. Updates will occur weekly, perhaps more often during sustained cold temperatures. We will continue to keep you up-to-date within our Snowmaker's Notes as we march toward the scheduled opening date of November 30th.

Snowmaker's Notes

Week of December 2nd
Cold temperatures held all week allowing for fantastic snowmaking conditions. During non-operating hours the team focused on beefing up sections which are known to burn out quickly (White Pine, Trailblazer, Pioneer, ect) plus blowing whales of snow to use to build out the Coldstream and Caboose terrain parks which opened on Friday. Cold temperatures continue into Tuesday when it looks like we will lose the wet blub for a while but that's old because another system will be moving in.

We will update again on Friday, December 14th.

Updated: December 9, 2018 @ 7:33am
New snow at Sugar Bowl
Week of November 25th: Friday Update
Mother Nature took care of all the snowmaking this week and dropped 33" of new snow across the mountain. All of this new snow allowed us to open the resort with good coverage on groomed runs on some of the lower elevation lifts. Coverage can still be improved upon, so when this storm subsides, our snowmakers will be back out there filling in until the next storm. We will have cold temperatures on Saturday and Sunday night and plan on making snow then. After this storm subsides, we will determine where we will be blowing more snow. Stay tuned for more updates.
Updated: November 30, 2018
Week Of November 18th: Friday Update
The snowmaking crew got some much deserved time off while Mother Nature filled-in. We have several bands of snowfall coming across the summit, then what looks to be like some great snowmaking on the heels of the storms. Should be able to fire up again next week.

In other news, we attempted an early opening, however, it didn't pan out. More storms are marching through the area next week and should make our November 30th opening happen without a hitch.

We will update again on Friday, November 30th.

Updated: November 23, 2018 @ 10:59am
Week of November 18th: Midweek Update
The week started off with great temps for snowmaking down at lower elevations, however, these pesky inversions have not allowed for much snowmaking beyond Mid-Mountain. Some solid whales of snow have formed on Union Street, White Pine and the Judah base area. We will continue to make snow as temps allow, but now we have some natural snowfall dropping to help subsidize. During the storm it looks like the humidity will be too high for snowmaking, however, snow accumulations for this storm look promising. We could see a foot down low and maybe 2+ feet on the upper elevations. Right now, it's too early to tell if this could change our Opening Day schedule of November 30th. We will wait to see what actually hits the ground to evaluate. Following the storm, we see great snowmaking windows and a potential break in inversions, so our team will get back to work after some well-earned turkey with their families.

We will update again on Friday, November 23rd.

Updated: November 21, 2018 @ 11:58am
Week of November 11th
Again, Mother Nature brought cold temps to the regions but also inversions allowing for snowmaking on the lower base areas only. To make snow, we need a wet blub of 28 degrees (combination of temperature & relative humidity), and we are seeing well above that at Mid-Mountain and higher. Even though the weather has not been in our favor, snowmakers are standing by to lay it down when the forecast shifts.

The 7-day storm/weather forecast details still vary between the models but trending towards measurable snowfall. The weather will change on Wednesday before Thanksgiving but how much we will receive is not apparent. There is a chance of precipitation Wednesday through Sunday. The weekend after Thanksgiving looks colder. We will update again on November 23rd.
Updated: November 16, 2018
Week of November 4th
It was warm to begin the week but on Wednesday around 3:00am, then snowmaking team was able to get to business. The sustained cold temps allowed our crew to work overnight Wednesday - Friday. Unfortunately, due to significant inversions, we have only been able to make snow at lower elevations. We generally see inversions early in the season, when the ground temperature is still warm and when high-pressure sets in causing the cold air to rush to the valley floors. Despite the challenges Mother Nature is throwing at us, we continued to make progress on the lower slopes, working toward the scheduled Opening Date of November 30.

Next week look like more of the same high-pressure with some cold nights and warm days. Our teams will be standing by to make snow whenever possible. We will update again on November 16th.
Updated: November 9, 2018
Week of October 28th
This week we watched months of hard work come together as we fired up our new snowmaking system for its inaugural blast. This summer a $3M upgrade was completed to improve the infrastructure including adding 120 new guns and double the water pumping capacity. The new highly-efficient system will be able to produce the same amount of snow in 1-day which used to take 3-days.

On October 30th the temps turned in our favor and around 6am we fired-up. This round was as much about testing the new system, as much as it was about laying down a base. So far, so great!

It looks like warm temps will move back in for about a week. We will update again on November 9th.
Updated: November 2, 2018