Kids Summer Camp

Tahoe's best summer camp for kids.

Camp Sugar Bowl is provided in partnership with The Gateway Mountain Center, a leader in innovative programs for youth.

Camp Sugar Bowl offers a unique balance of high-quality environmental and field science education, mountain sports adventure, and structured reflective time which powerfully connects students with themselves, nature, and their community. Our skilled guides are high-end, seasoned educators, who specialize in igniting healthy passions and curiosity for young people. We provide meaningful and engaging outdoor experiences that are collaborative, fun and provocative. Beautiful daily destinations illustrate educational themes, including natural and human history, group challenges, mountain sports, environmental education and field science. Daily challenges expand the limits of our participants' in heart, mind, and body.
Peak Experiences are ubiquitous with high Sierra adventures, such as rock climbing, white water rafting, challenge hikes, swimming in pristine alpine lakes, mountain biking, SUP and Kayaking, and "solo-sit" time in nature. These core activities are rounded out with nature games, art, nature-based mindfulness activities, student dubbed "meadow-tating", yoga and journaling.

"Taking Camp Home" provides goal-setting planning for further exploring the principles and activities that were most inspiring. It's one thing to have "a moment", it's quite another to own it.

“Me Time” for parents. While your kids are out having the time of their lives, parents are free to bask in the beauty of the Sierra in whatever way they choose. Sugar Bowl Resort offers spectacular hiking, gym and spa facilities, yoga classes, socials, music, wine tasting and delectable eats from our poolside café. Won't you join us this year?

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