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Sugar Bowl is proud to partner with Ford, the official vehicle of Sugar Bowl Resort. Ford goes further to make their vehicles better, employees happier and our planet a better place to be. Ford is dedicated to building great products to strengthen their business and benefit our communities, through quality, safety, green initiatives, and innovation.

Test drive a Ford at your local Northern California FORD Dealer

Red Bull

Red Bull® Energy Drink vitalizes body and mind. It is a functional beverage with a unique combination of ingredients, and has been specially developed for times of increased mental and physical exertion.

Red Bull’s effects are appreciated throughout the world by top athletes, busy professionals, active students and drivers on long journeys. Learn More ►


From incredibly versatile, powerful cameras, to mounts and accessories for nearly any activity, to the GoPro App and software—GoPro makes it easier than ever to capture and share your world like never before.

Click here to learn more about GoPro.

Rahlves' Banzai Tour

The Rahlves' Banzai Tour is racing in its purest form. Big mountain freeride meets ski / boarder-cross action! Taking place at three Lake Tahoe, CA resorts it's head-to-head action four at a time, top to bottom, down a wide open course over natural terrain and snow conditions. Top skiers and snowboarders from North America will line up against Lake Tahoe area athletes laying it on the line to defend home turf and a cash purse at each event, with the Super Finals at Sugar Bowl. Learn More ►

K2 Skis

World renowned as leaders in design, K2 is driven by innovation and a passion for the sports enthusiast looking for unique and authentic lifestyle experiences, offering top-quality skis, boots and accessories.

Click here to learn more about K2.


Atomic produces top-quality skis, boots, helmets and equipment for race, freeski, all mountain, backcountry and nordic.

A major sponsor of Olympian and resort ambassador Daron Rahlves, Atomic delivers on high performance gear that will help any skier achieve their peak performance.Learn More ►


An industry leader in high performance helmets, goggles, and apparel. Giro comes from a unique place. Santa Cruz, California’s location—at the intersection of surf and mountains—attracts people of an independent mindset: outdoors people; iconoclasts who set their own priorities, more inclined to put human values ahead of corporate interests. Counter intuitively, it turns out that Santa Cruz, a place where business shuts down when the surf is up, has proven to be a powerful entrepreneurial incubator. Learn More ►

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. A craft brewing original since 1980. We brew with discipline and daring and a doggedly independent spirit of pioneering. Sierra Nevada set out with a simple goal: brew the beers we wanted to drink. We started small, with a homebrew shop, a love of American hops and plenty of passion. In the process, we changed the beer world forever. Decades later, we’re still at it, and the passion burns brighter than ever. Learn More ►


The old adage,"the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts" holds true with the Völkl company. Every one of our products combines cutting-edge technology and high quality with our boundless passion for sports and the experience and skills of the Völkl team.

Click here to learn more about Volkl.

Moment Skis

Moment makes skis by hand in Reno, Nevada using a traditional small-batch, double-filtered pot-still method. We offer a bold flavor experience, opening with notes of pure stoke, followed by tones of deep powder, hot babes, and blue skies, with a total party atmosphere finish that lingers long on the palate. If you like your skis strong, handsome, and rich—like whoops, I drove my Lamborghini into a pool of diamonds on purpose rich—you’ll love everything about Moment. Learn More ►

Clif Bar

Sugar Bowl continues to be a strong supporter in the ‘Save Our Snow’ campaign, as well as Cliff Bar’s ‘Cooling the Globe’. Sugar Bowl guests are encouraged to help do their part. For each $2 Cool Tag sold, CLIF BAR invests $2 in Native Energy’s Wind Builders program. These funds will assist the Rosebud Sioux Tribe build the Rosebud St. Francis Wind Farm in South Dakota. Wind farms deliver clean, renewable energy to the grid without releasing CO2 into the air — thereby displacing energy that comes from polluting facilities. Learn More ►

GU Energy

From 1991 until today, athletes the world over have come to the same conclusion: GU works. From gels, chomps, drinks, tablets, capsuls, and more, every product is formulated to further GU’s mission: to help athletes go faster and longer than ever before.

Click here to learn more about GU Energy.

Alpine Skills International

ASI has made the commitment to blend the best from American outdoor educational values with progressive techniques of climbing and high mountain skiing that are practiced by the most accomplished alpinists throughout the world. We welcome you to join us and be a part of the original all-mountain program that visits the depth and meaning of the experiences the mountain world has to offer. Learn More ►

101.5 Truckee Tahoe Radio

Our Mission is to entertain and inform the local community. We are INDEPENDENT so we can play and talk about what YOU want to hear. We are Truckee and Tahoe’s LOCAL INDEPENDENT RADIO STATION. We are YOUR Station. Our format is Triple A, which means we play a wide variety of music. You’ll hear everything from Led Zepplin to the Kings of Leon, The Cure to B.B. King. We don’t have to worry about “the man” breathing down our neck, telling us what to play. We play whatever we want! Learn More ►

Royal Gorge Partners

Sugar Bowls commitment to the environment

Sugar Bowls commitment to the environment

Sugar Bowls commitment to the environment

Sugar Bowls commitment to the environment

Sugar Bowls commitment to the environment


Fischer stands for the development, production, marketing and distribution of first-class skiing equipment. As a single source supplier for both Alpine and Nordic skiing equipment, Fischer offers only premium quality products. As an independent company that has been under family ownership ever since it was founded, Fischer is a reliable partner for its customers, its top athletes and its employees. Fischer's greatest asset is its loyal customers who create the perfect skiing experience with products bearing the Fischer brand. Learn More ►


Salomon was born in the French Alps in 1947. Our passion for mountain sport progression, product development, quality, and craftsmanship drives us to create progressive gear to enable freedom and help you challenge yourself in the mountains.

Click here to learn more about Salomon.


Swix Sports operates primarily in Oslo and Lillehammer, Norway. During our more than 60-year history, Swix has been one of the strongest and most recognized names in the ski industry. Swix products are one of the few Norwegian industrial products found in stores worldwide.

Click here to learn more about Swix.

Sierra Snowkite Center

At Sierra Snowkite we strive to give you the knowledge and tools to take your winter sports to a whole new level. Snowkiting and kiting in general are enhancement sports. With a good foundation in snowsports, a love for the mountains, and a curiosity for the unknown, snowkiting will elevate your winter experience to all new heights. After skiing morning "Pow" at Sugar Bowl, drift on down to The Sierra Snowkite Center to explore the vast terrain of "endless powder turns with a twist." We hope to see you soon. Learn More ►

Truckee Donner Land Trust

The Truckee Donner Land Trust works to preserve and protect scenic, historic and recreational lands with high natural resource values in the greater Truckee Donner region. The Land Trust works with landowners, federal, state and local governments, and the public-at-large, to create win-win situations for private and public interests. We carry out our mission by negotiating land acquisitions, easements and land exchanges. Learn More ►

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