Seasonal Programs
Young Skier having fun learning with the mountain shredders
Mountain Shredders: Ages 6-12
$950  |  Entry Level to Advanced  |  Enrollment: Now Open
Now available for skiing and snowboarding.

Mountain Shredders is designed for kids aged 6-12 from entry level through advanced focusing on all-mountain and terrain exploration with a strong emphasis on fun, safety, and learning. Kids will develop the core ability and skills needed to thrive at the next level of skiing/snowboarding, benefiting from the focused dedication of our season-long coaches, and the community of a team all season long.

This program is an excellent feeder program for the Progression/Competiton Team or Sugar Bowl Ski Team. We look forward to having your child participate in this exciting new development program and laying a solid foundation for a lifelong passion with sound skiing and riding skills at a young age.

Meets 10 Sunday Mornings on the Village side and runs 9:00am – 12:00pm.
Does not meet MLK or President's weekends. Price does not include pass/ticket or rentals.

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Skier improving her skills through the Mountain Adventures.
Mountain Adventurers: Ages 13+
$950  |  Intermediate to Advanced  |  Enrollment: Now Open
Skiing Only.

Mountain Adventurers is a new developmental program designed for ages 13 and up, seeking skill improvement throughout the season. Designed for indermediate to advanced skiers to have a blast in a group dynamic while focusing on all-mountain and terrain exploration. Participants will benefit from the focused dedication of our season-long coaches, and the community of a team all season long.

Mountain Adventurers begin after the Christams Holiday and meets 10 select Sundays from 9am - 12pm. Rates does not include rentals or a season pass.

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Snowboard team following their instructor and learning good snowboard techniques
Snowboard Team: Ages 7-17
$2,300  |  Intermediate to Advanced  |  Enrollment: Now Open

This program is for any intermediate and above ability rider who wants to take their skills to the next level. With all day training sessions our professional coaches will help riders improve their fundamentals and style while implementing personalized training goals.

Meets 48 Days from December to April. Program does not include a season pass or rentals.

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Please direct all sign-ups and questions to:
Sugar Bowl Snowboard Team Manager
(530) 426-6772