Dining Options At The Lodge
Lodge at Sugar Bowl
Lodge at Sugar Bowl
The Lodge at Sugar Bowl
From fine dining to the legendary Belt Room Bar.

At Sugar Bowl, we know what a great meal can do to make a fun day with friends even better. Each of our restaurants has a little different flair. Check out the Nob Hill BBQ on the deck for a juicy burger fresh off the grill or enjoy a more refined affair with linens and table service in the Dining Room at the Lodge.

The Dining Room at the Village Lodge

Fine dining with a view, enjoy French-inspired California cuisine in a classic high-alpine Lodge. An oversize woodburning fireplace greets you, while you take in beautiful photos depicting the history of Donner Summit, on your way to a meal you won't soon forget. Featuring fine dining selections such as Scottish seared salmon, elk tenderloin and vegetarian penne pasta, complete with extensive wine selection to perfectly complement the experience, the Lodge at Sugar Bowl Dining Room is destination unto itself. Simply put, it's fine dining, elevated. View the Lodge at Sugar Bowl Dining Room video here. Call 530-426-7002 for reservations.

Belt Room Bar

The perfect place to enjoy a cold beer, cocktail or glass of wine with the best mountain view. Open daily from 11AM to 10PM.

Nob Hill Cafe

The Cafe is currently open Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 7:30AM to 10:30AM, 11:00am-3:00PM with hot food, and 3PM to 4PM for grab and go offerings. This is a great place to enjoy a hot or cold breakfast or lunch with a view. The menu offers freshly made salads, sandwiches, soup, chili, burritos and wraps, beef stew in a bread bowl, chicken fingers, hamburgers, hotdogs, and fries.

Nob Hill BBQ on the Deck

Open on weekends & holidays, weather permitting. Offering an incredible grilled lunch ranging from chicken sandwiches and burgers to polish dogs and hotdogs.


The perfect area for a brown bag lunch with vending machines and a small video arcade.

Village Hall Bistro

Open Saturday evenings and Holidays from 5:30-9:00pm

Elevated Cuisine
The Man Behind the Food
Sugar Bowl's Chef Alan Davis

Leading the culinary team at Sugar Bowl Resort, Chef Alan Davis brings experience, passion and dedication to his work, creating delectable French-inspired California cuisine in the Dining Room, Belt Room Bar, and Lake Mary Cabin kitchens. Born and raised on the Massachusetts coast, Davis’ love and respect for the outdoors is showcased in the fresh, seasonal dishes offered on his menus. ‘My inspiration comes from whatever I see in front of me…the excitement of the changes of the season, what is new, what is available, working around that, and building a menu around that.’

Davis studied at the Florida Culinary Institute in West Palm Beach, and started his career close by, working as the Sous Chef at the Eastpointe Country Club. Gaining his formal fine dining training at the Sugar Cane Club, he worked under Alsatian-style chef Pierre Dupont, who taught him elements of German-Franco influence, which ultimately resulted in the current style of his culinary offerings. ‘From what I’ve found, it seems to be the most consistently desired food. It’s not a captor of the niche markets or fads.’

The mouthwatering Grilled Petite Beef Tenderloin and succulent Venison Au Poivre on Davis’ current menu are timeless dishes that will impress any patron. The Braised Beef Cheek is another favorite of Davis’, due to the amount of time and attention the dish requires. In the 4 hours’ braising time and 2 prep time, the chef finds satisfaction in watching the progression of the dish, from the meat slowly breaking down to the formulation of the flavors in the sauce. And the time is always worth the taste.

Davis runs a ‘Brigade System’ in his kitchen, which he has found to be the most effective system in his experience. Allowing for creativity, but careful of overly ‘freelancing’ as he puts it, Davis ensures that every dish passes by him before exiting the kitchen. ‘Being a working chef, a good 75% of the mains come out of my corner, so one of the rules for myself is making sure my hand touches as much as the menu that sees the Dining Room as possible. Without this intimate feel of the food, that is basically my name, I’d be lost. I’m not a paper chef.’

As Davis’ menu items constantly change with the seasons, so does his self-education and experimentation. Whether it is finding inspiration through food at new restaurants or cooking dishes for friends and family, his creativity and understanding of current trends keeps him adept in the ever-changing culinary industry.

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