Signature Programs
Mountain Shredders: Ages 6-12
Rates Released in Fall  |  Entry Level to Advanced  |  Enrollment: 2017/2018 Coming Soon
Now available for skiing and snowboarding.

Mountain Shredders is designed for kids aged 6-12 from entry level through advanced focusing on all-mountain and terrain exploration with a strong emphasis on fun, safety, and learning. Kids will develop the core ability and skills needed to thrive at the next level of skiing/snowboarding, benefiting from the focused dedication of our season-long coaches, and the community of a team all season long.

This program is an excellent feeder program for the Progression/Competiton Team or Sugar Bowl Ski Team. We look forward to having your child participate in this exciting new development program and laying a solid foundation for a lifelong passion with sound skiing and riding skills at a young age.