Quad Crusher

Northern California's Only Uphill Endurance Race

Quad Crusher
April 7th
Sugar Bowl Ski Resort
An endurance race staged across Sugar Bowl’s four iconic peaks—Mt. Judah, Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Disney and Crow’s Nest Peak—the “Quad Crusher” is an uphill event that will test stamina, grit, and determination while highlighting Sugar Bowl's beauty and terrain variety. Two divisions and distinct courses will make this event fun for both seasoned athletes and passionate citizen uphillers.

Check back soon for more details. In the meantime, check out our recap video from last year!


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Elite Mens

1st. Eric Munsing (1:51:57) | 2nd. Ben Logan (1:52:06) | 3rd. (1:56:21)

Elite Womens

1st. Ann Peirsall (2:23:09) | 2nd. Ashley Helms (3:18:07)

Citizen Mens

1st. Josh Scholnick (1:23:42) | 2nd. Tyler Brown (1:29:59) | 3rd. Joel Llewellyn (1:35:48)

Citizen Womens

1st. Kristin Belair (2:48:41)

Team Coed

1st. Libby/Chabot (2:25:16) | 2nd. Roake/Gaskin (2:56:47)

Team Men

1st. Jester/Keisler (3:24:12)


Elite Mens 1st. Jesse Wilfley (3:18:47) | Cit. Womens 1st. Stephanie Reid (3:06:28)

Division Course Legs # Climbs # Boot Packs Vertical Distance
Elite Long
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n/a 7 1 5,468 ft 9.4 mi.
Citizen - Team Long
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Leg 1 4 0 3,200 ft 4.8 mi.
  - Leg 2 3 1 2,268 ft 4.6 mi.
Citizen Short
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n/a 2 0 2,267 ft 3.4 mi.