Mountain Safety
Uphill Travel Status
Uphill Travel Routes
Mt. Judah Mt. Lincoln Mt. Disney
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Downhill Travel Terrain Areas
Mt. Judah Mt. Lincoln Mt. Disney Crow's
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Open: No skiing in closed areas.

Caution: Unpatrolled, natural terrain.

Closed: No access.
Uphill Travel at Sugar Bowl
Safe Uphill Travel at Sugar Bowl Resort
Uphill travel is currently closed.

Uphill Travel hours are from 6am-7pm when open.

We are very happy to offer uphill travel at Sugar Bowl Resort. In order to participate, skiers and riders must review, agree to and sign the Uphill Use Policy as well as the Uphill Use Agreement/Release of Liability before traveling uphill at Sugar Bowl Resort.

Please go to Mt. Judah Special Tickets to turn in your completed Uphill Use Policy form, and to pick up your Uphill Pass or Uphill Ticket.

For daily uphill status call (530) 426 6775

At Sugar Bowl Resort we strive to deliver a safe and enjoyable resort experience, and we appreciation your attention and cooperation!

Phone: (530) 426-9000
Snow Phone: (530) 426-1111
Address: 629 Sugar Bowl Road, Norden CA 95724
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