Ticket Reload
Go direct-to-lift on your next visit to Sugar Bowl when you reload a lift ticket card online!

Keep your Ticket and Use it Again

We hope you had an amazing day on the mountain during your last trip to Sugar Bowl. Now let's reload your ticket for another day. Reloading has many benefits including:
  • Go Direct-to-Lift
  • Reduce Waste
  • Fast & Convenient Online Check-Out
  • And More...
Reloading your ticket online is simple, read below for a stp-by-step guide so you can head Direct-to-Lift on your next visit.

Just remember to grab your tickets off the desk when you are done and put them back in your jacket pocket!

Your Guide to Reload

  1. Have handy your lift ticket card from a previous visit (must be a card issued during the 2020/21 winter season).
  2. Log-in to your online account using the same username you used when you bought lift tickets previously.
  3. Select the "Lift Tickets" option under the "I'M LOOKING FOR" drop down menu. Choose which lift ticket product(s) you want to buy and proceed with the purchase process.
  4. During checkout, the store will display the lift ticket cards that are associated with your name. Choose the card that you're holding - and that's the card that will be reloaded.
  5. You can do this for each group member who is part of your account, but remember that lift ticket cards are non-transferable.
  6. Complete checkout and go straight from the parking lot to the chairlift on your selected ski/ride date!