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Public, Corporate & Group Bus trips to Sugar Bowl
The Bay Area Ski Bus is a division of Recreation Connection, Inc. - a tour & event management company that specializes in coordinating ski & adventure tours, senior graduation trips and endurance races. RC, Inc. opened its doors in 1996 and today runs over 350 trips per year! Management has over 40 years of combined experience producing tours and events. Operating with integrity and a commitment to quality, RC, Inc. contracts with the finest transportation companies and recreation outfitters with fantastic reputations and safety records.

NAC Ski Bus to Sugar Bowl
NAC Ski Bus
Bus Trips to Sugar Bowl from the Bay Area and Sacramento
North American Charter Ski (NAC SKI, LLC) is a San Jose, California-based ski tour company. Founded during 2003/2004 season, they have grown to provide ski tour services in over 100 cities throughout US and Canada. NAC brings skiers and snowboarders to their favorite resorts on our eco-friendly luxury coaches with onboard bathroom, DVD movie and WiFi (subject to availability) where they can sleep and relax on their way and expect to arrive at the resort with full energy to enjoy themselves on the slopes, avoiding the driving fatigue and high fuel cost.