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<b>Maggie</b> aka <i>"The Turninator"</i>
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Maggie aka "The Turninator"

Spring Fling 3-Pack

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Getting fed up with your current committed mountain relationship?

Perhaps you’re tired of waiting in long lift lines, getting stuck in traffic, and riding down crowded runs… We heard you! Have a fling at Sugar Bowl this spring with the Spring Fling 3 Pack. Come out to soak up some sunny days and spring vibes on Donner Summit. This 3-day pack is $299 for all ages and grants you access to any three days of skiing/riding from March 1, 2022 until the season concludes in mid-April, now including Saturdays! Buy the pack now and choose your dates later.

Snowboarder carving through corn snow and throwing up snow spray

What’s great about spring skiing and riding at Sugar Bowl?

Spring skiing is already amazing thanks to the beautiful California weather we are treated to but here are a few reasons it’s even better at ‘The Bowl’.

1. Spring Events

On snow events like the Pond Skim, Pop Bars and more happen throughout the spring when the weather is more predictable. Plus we are Rockin’ The Bowl with live music on the Judah and Disney decks each Saturday & Sunday. (Keep in mind, 3-packs aren’t valid on Saturdays but après is always allowed!)

2. Corn Snow

This elusive snow is actually very desirable and often falls in the “hero snow” category, but it can be hard to time. It is generally found in the spring when freeze/melt cycles affect the snow. Large grains of snow freeze together overnight, then they loosen as the sun warms them during the day. Corn refers to the snow during the time window when it has become soft and forgiving, but not too wet and slushy. In other words, it’s the “Goldilocks” of snow—not too hard, not too soft, but just right.

3. Après

In spring what you do on the snow is just as important as what occurs after ski (après). Both the Disney and Judah Decks are perfectly situated to enjoy a cold beverage (Palisades Pale Ale anyone), soak up the soak and enjoy some tunes (See #1).

Hot Tip: Free Pack Flex “Pack Flex” — a $60 value — is automatically included, allowing you to shift your reserved visit dates if your plans change. Pack Flex does not mean a refund, just flexible dates until the end of the season.

Young Girl Carrying Skis and Smiling

If you’re tired of waiting in long lift lines and riding down crowded runs, have a fling at Sugar Bowl this spring! 

Big mountain terrain, with a small mountain vibe: Take 3-days to experience the alternative. We’ll show you how we do things differently at Sugar Bowl. But be warned, after a 3-day honeymoon on our uncrowded slopes, you might not want to leave.

Hot Tip: Direct to Lift Once you print out your lift ticket for the first time, plan to reuse your media card each time, when you login to your account and choose your dates, your lift ticket media card will automatically be reloaded. That means you can roll into the parking lot and go direct to lift without stopping at the ticket window.

Skier making a slash turn through spring corn snow


Q: How do I use a 3-pack?

Log into your account on at and purchase a 3-Pack through our online store You’ll be able to logon later to book dates if you don’t want to choose them immediately. On your account you can see how many days you have left to use.

Q: How much does it cost?

The Spring Fling 3-pack costs $299, or about $99 per day.

Q: When is it valid?

Sunday – Friday, March 1 until at least April 10.

Q: Is there any fine print?

  • 3 Packs are non-transferrable.  All 3 days must be used by the 3 Pack holder on separate dates
  • No refunds or credits for unused days.
  • Valid through the end of the 2021/22 season.  No dates will be rolled over for any reason.
  • Dates must be booked online by 11:59pm the day prior to arrival.
  • Dates may be moved to another valid date within the 2021/22 season.
    • Date changes must occur before 11:59pm the day prior to arrival.
  • Any unused dates expire after April 11.
  • If the season is extended, the ability to select dates for the 3 Pack will be extended too.
Buy Your Lift Tickets Online in Advance
Tired of epic lines? How about iconic Tahoe traffic? Escape to Sugar Bowl's uncrowded slopes. We limit the number of lift tickets we sell every day because we care about preserving YOUR skiing and riding experience. We’ll manage the crowd so you don’t have to.

Purchase your lift tickets online in advance for guaranteed availability and the best rates.