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<b>Maggie</b> aka <i>"The Turninator"</i>
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Maggie aka "The Turninator"

What Level Ski Lesson is Right for Me?

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Our ski lessons are offered in FOUR fantastic levels so you can drop in with a group that’s tailored to your skill level.

  • Level 1 (first time skiing)
  • Level 2 (beginner)
  • Level 3 (intermediate)
  • Level 4 (advanced)
A description of Levels 1-4

Benefits to signing up for the right level ski lesson include:

  • The content of the lesson will be catered to your current abilities
  • You’ll be learning in a group with skiers of a similar level
  • You’ll be taught by an instructor best suited to teach your level

Take a few moments to read through this handy breakdown to ensure you have chosen your level correctly. You’ll be set up for a great ski lesson at Sugar Bowl.

Learning to ride the moving carpet during a first timer lesson

Level 1: I’m a First Time Skier

Green Circle Runs

Q: Have you ever skied before?

No? You are a Level 1 skier. Pretty simple, there is no need to read further until you return for more lessons on your path to becoming a lifetime skier/rider.

Yes? If you have skied before in the past few years, and you already know how to make a wedge turn, consider exploring Level 2 lessons instead.

More about Level 1

Booking a Level 1 lesson with one of our certified ski instructors will get you started in the right direction. The progress you can make with an hour of ski instruction can replace many days of figuring it out on your own. You’ll cover how ski equipment functions and learn foundational skills like turning and stopping. A Learn to Ski Package is the best way to get started and includes rentals, a lesson, and a lift ticket.

Making a wedge turn during a beginner lesson

Level 2: I’ve skied before and I’m all about the wedge turn

Green Circle Runs

Q: Can you stop and change direction using a wedge?

Q: Do you use a wedge at any time during a turn?

Q: Do you prefer skiing green runs? 

Q: Can you ride a chairlift?

If the skier above sounds like you, Level 2 is a great next lesson for you. If you are already transitioning to parallel turns, move ahead to Level 3.

More about Level 2

Mastering the wedge turn (otherwise known as the “pizza”) is a great first step towards learning to ski. You’ll be able to stop, turn, and generally get to where you need to go on the mountain. As your control and balance improves, you’ll be ready to start learning “parallel turns” and gain the skills to ski more advanced terrain in Level 3

A skier learning parallel turns in an intermediate ski lesson

Level 3: Sometimes I Can Make Parallel Turns

Blue Square Runs+

Q: Can you comfortably link parallel turns on blue runs?

Q: Are you starting to work up to skiing some easy black runs?

Q: Can you ski with poles?

If you have transitioned from wedge turns to parallel turns and you are starting to move from blue terrain to black terrain, keep progressing with a Level 3 lesson.

More about Level 3

If you’re skiing with parallel turns some or most of the time, you’ve made it into Level 3. You should feel confident on blue square runs and want to start mixing in some easier black diamond terrain. It’s okay if your happy place is still blue runs, but hopefully you are starting to feel that if you took your time, you would be confident controlling your skis on more advanced terrain. 

A student and instructor in an advanced ski lesson

Level 4: I’m an Advanced Skier ready to fine tune my skills

Black Diamond Runs+

Q: Can you ski a variety of conditions? Groomed/ungroomed/bumps etc.

Q: Can you make dynamic turns skiing in parallel the whole time?

Q: Are you confident skiing black and double black runs? chutes, steeps, or bumps?

If you are confident making parallel turns in a variety of conditions in a range of terrain, Level 4 can provide helpful insight into taking your skiing to the next level.

More about Level 4

Don’t settle once you’ve transitioned from an intermediate to an advanced skier. Sure, you may be able to ski the whole mountain comfortably, but can you do it with style? Skiing is a lifelong pursuit and Level 4 will help you fine tune your skills, break out of bad habits, and have you on your way to becoming an expert skier.