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Jayson Hale - Sending a big cliff at sugar bowl
Jayson Hale

When I was four I fell in love with snowboarding. It all started while I was skiing Boreal. My brother and I were charging small jumps and I broke my little skis. So, being a bummed out kid, I made my way to the bottom, went to the lodge and had a cup of soup. My cousin Nye found me and asked if I would like to try his snowboard. He took me to the bunny slope and sent me on my way up the chair all by myself. Picture this, my cousin was 6"2" and had a 162 Winterstick. I was about 3 feet tall and was in my tiny ski boots. I cannot remember my execution when I got off the chair, but I do remember sitting at the top of the hill and strapping my little ski boots into the board. I practically did the splits when I stood up but, still managed to straight line to the bottom. I was HOOKED!

When I was 6 my parents brought me to my first competition. It was the TSS (Tahoe Snowboard Series Tour). I competed in that series for a few years winning almost everything (slopestyle, boardercross, halfpipe, slalom and giant slalom). After that I began competing with USASA (United States of America Snowboard Association). Also, competing in all the events with that series, making nationals every year and getting on the podium most of the time. At 17 I began to specialize and focus more on halfpipe competing in the USSA. Following around Grand Prix, Regional Competitions and whatever else I could make, I finished the season with 2nd at Western Regionals in pipe and 3rd at Grand Prix in Boardercross. This just happened to be the season the US Team was putting together a snowboard team to get ready for the new Olympic sport. I was picked for the team and so the snowboarding career began.

Since then I have maintained a spot on the US Snowboard "A" Team. Traveling all over the world on the World Cup Tour.

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