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2011/2012 Prices

Friction Wax - $10

Iron Wax - $20

Cross Country Skating Iron Wax - $15

Race Wax - race condition wax including overlays - $50

Edge - Shape and sharpen edges - $30

Hand Edge - shape, sharpen and polish edges by hand - $60

Hand Edge/Race Wax - $60

Hot Box Storage - Overnight treatment for waxing - $35/ cycle

Base Repair - $40

Binding Mount - $30

Binding Adjustment - $15

Labor per hour - $75

Basic Tune - One pair of skis or snowboard with base sanding, edge & wax - $50

Pro Tune - One pair of skis or snowboard with stone grind, base repair, polish edges & wax - $60

World Cup Prep - Hand tune, polishing, all steel stone grind & base conditioning with hot box - $125

Please call 530-426-9000 ext 7515 for more information.

Season Tuning Packages
Keep your skis or board in top shape with free storage in our shop for the season.
Package Prices:

Standard: One snowboard or pair of skis with Basic Tune & optional storage in our shop for the season: $129

Pro: One pair of adult skis or board with Pro Tune & optional storage in our shop. $199

Finish Line: One pair of adult race skis with World Cup Tune & optional storage in our shop $249

Olympic: Have your race skis prepped, maintained, and race waxed by the Olympic Serviceman Willi Wiltz. Willi Wiltz has been the man behind Daron Rahlves, Bode Miller, Tommy Moe and too many others to list. This is the best tune you will ever get in your life. $499

Development: One pair of youth race skis with Wold Cup Tune and optional storage in our shop. $169.00

Family Pack: Four snowboards or skis or combination of edged and iron waxed as needed with optional storage in our shop. $499
Each additional ski/board $99

Pick-up and delivery to Sugar Bowl residences or Village Hall - $30

Pick-up or delivery to Sugar Bowl or Village Hall - $15

All packages are subject to availability.

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