Sugar Bowls commitment to the environment - Sugar bowl employees receiving green power award

Cleaner and Greener

Sugar Bowl's Commitment to the Environment

It's a wonderful thing when a beautiful place is entrusted to those who care. Sugar Bowl Ski Resort is owned and managed by a passionate group of people that love the mountains and are committed to maintaining the natural beauty for generations to come. Read on about our progressive use of 100% green energy to power the resort, our participation in the "sharing warmth around the globe" program, the special care we take with our forest, water supply and our planet.

Environmental Mission
Sugar Bowl places a high value on our natural surroundings, and we realize they are our greatest current and future asset. We will help set a superior standard for the industry and our community by consistently implementing environmentally sound policies and practices to improve and maintain the quality of our environs. Sugar Bowl's commitment to environmental responsibility goes hand in hand with our obligation to provide a safe and quality experience for our guests as well as maintaining an economically viable business.

  • Conserve natural resources and when feasible implement alternative, environmentally friendly sources of energy.
  • Employ policies that reduce waste of all materials.
  • Plan, design, and complete projects using practices that have the least impact on natural surroundings and habitats.
  • Engage in short and long-term restoration and mitigation of surrounding landscapes.
  • Reduce, and whenever possible, eliminate water and air contaminates.
  • Encourage guest and employee participation in our environmental mission by making available the appropriate tools, training, and educational opportunities.
Sugar Bowls commitment to the environment - beautiful wild flowers

Sierra Green Building Association

Sugar Bowl is proud to be a founding member of the Sierra Green Building Association (SiGBA). SiGBA’s mission is to promote effective environmental design in our communities by:

  • Advocating resource efficiency in all phases of the design, construction and operation of homes and businesses.
  • Providing educational resources and support in the areas of site development, energy, building materials, air, water and waste.
  • Coordinating networking opportunities and community events.

SiGBA’s vision is to lead the Tahoe, Truckee, and surrounding Sierra communities into a new sustainable era. Through Green Building, we can design and construct our built environment to function symbiotically with nature. More Information

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100% Wind Powered Electricity
Sugar Bowl Is Powered by 100% Green Electricity!

Sugar Bowl Ski Resort is committed to environmental sustainability and minimizing our impact on global climate change. In partnership with 3 Degrees, since 2005, we support California wind farms by purchasing renewable wind energy to offset 100% of our electricity use. This purchase reduces Sugar Bowl's consumption of fossil fuels, cleans the air, and keeps greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.

As of January 1, 2009 our purchase of wind energy has accumulated to 4,072 MWH. In turn, this reduces our consumption of fossil fuels, cleans the air, and keeps 4,588,000 pounds of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere each year. This is equivalent taking 579 cars off of the roads for one year or converting 419 average U.S. households to renewable energy for one year.

Skiing Green

For only $2 per person, per day, or a $20 season pass, you can offset the carbon emitted through your travel to Sugar Bowl. Your donation goes directly to the Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s SkiGreen program. Each SkiGreen tag supports 100 kWh of wind power, and prevents 150 pounds of greenhouse gases from being released into the Earth’s atmosphere. This is enough to balance 150 miles worth of air pollution caused from driving an average sized U.S. automobile.

Of course, we understand that buying carbon offsets is not a complete solution. Skiing and snowboarding still require tremendous amounts of energy. And, the greenhouse gases we release into the atmosphere are already affecting our favorite sports. Clearly, the ski industry’s impact on climate change is less than 1% of a massive global problem. However, at Sugar Bowl, we believe that it is our responsibility to do our part to protect the environment we depend on. Learn More ►

Sugar Bowls commitment to the environment - Employees volunteering to clean the highway

Sustainable Slopes Annual Report

Sugar Bowl Resort recognizes and appreciates that our natural surroundings are one of our greatest assets. As such, we consistently strive to implement environmentally sound policies, practices and procedures that secure, improve and maintain the quality of this pristine high-alpine environment.

Sugar Bowl has been recognized as an environmental leader by no less authority than Keep the Sierra Green, highlighting our continued efforts to minimize waste, implement pollution prevention measures, and conserve energy & water.

Sugar Bowl’s Environmental and Conservation Committee works with all departments to help minimize their impact on the environment. Their efforts have helped to reduce annual resort consumption equal to removing 243 cars from the road for one year.

Ongoing Initiatives:
  • Purchase 100% Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from 3Degrees.
  • Reduce over 20% of waste by recycling
  • Subsidize a free shuttle program from Truckee to Sugar Bowl/Donner Summit
  • Provide a Ride Share board on Sugarbowl.com and partner with Zimride
  • Sustainable Slopes and Keep Winter Cool Programs
  • Preserve wetlands/protect water quality, working with South Yuba River Citizens League
  • Forest Stewardship, in conjunction with the USFS
  • Adopt-a-Highway clean-up days
  • Habitat protection during any development
  • Annual Environmental Awareness Day
  • Replace additional electronic water coolers with simple water purifiers in resort sinks
  • Install additional occupancy sensors for lighting in many offices and public areas
  • Install more strip curtains in refrigeration and shipping & receiving dock
  • Continued HVAC system upgrades to improve efficiency and reduce propane consumption
  • Include environmental considerations in purchasing decisions:
  • Purchase 100% green cleaning products.
  • Purchase 100% recycled content or compostable food service products
  • Purchase 30% recycled content office paper.
  • Purchase biodiesel for use in all licensed highway vehicles.
  • Continued replacement of two-stroke snowmobile fleet with 4-stroke machines
  • Continued attention to more efficient snowmaking guns
Sugar Bowls commitment to the environment  - Employees volunteering to clean the highway

Ski Area Citizen's Coalition

Habitat Protection (104 Points) - A 92.3%
  1. Maintaining Ski Terrain Within the Existing Footprint (30 points)
  2. Preserving Undisturbed Lands from Development (31 points)
  3. Protecting or Maintaining Endangered, Species (22 points)
  4. Preserving Environmentally Sensitive Areas (21 points)
Protecting Watersheds (35 Points) - A 91.4%
  1. Protecting/Preserving Wetlands (9 points)
  2. Protecting Water Quality (12 points)
  3. Water Conservation (14 points)
Addressing global climate change (50 Points)- A 60%
  1. Conserving energy by avoiding new snowmaking. (10pts)
  2. Renewable Energy (17 points)
  3. Energy Efficiency (14 points)
  4. Transportation (9 points)
Environmental policies and practices (41 Points) - A 73.2%
  1. Environmental Policy Positions and Advocacy (17 points)
  2. Waste Stream Management (9 points)
  3. Purchasing (8 points)
  4. Environmental Reporting and Accountability (5 points)
  5. Community Sustainability (2 points)
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